Aluk and Origin Window

“About 4 Decades of Service experience in windows and doors with bespoke Customer satisfaction in North London”

Aluk Windows, for over two have been designing their unique aluminium window systems that exceed the performance standards expected in modern building design. Aluk’s Aluminium Window is regarded as one of the best materials when it comes to durability, aesthetics, and security of windows and doors. Aluminum is also strong and lightweight which gives it a distinct advantage for large expanses of glass to bring the outside in.

The Origin Window is a unique and individual window with a host of features and innovations. Origin Windows are made by Origin which also provides what is one of the finest bi-folding doors you can buy today. Origin is the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke aluminum bi-folding doors and windows.

  • AluK provides tailor-made quality solutions with optimum balance between design, aesthetics, performance, and commercial aspect of the products. AluK also provides personal support for its clients, through local knowledge combined with international representation.
  • The Origin windows boast ultra-slim sightlines, which means you benefit from less frame and greater amounts of natural light. This is ideal for homeowners looking to create a brighter home and enjoy uninterrupted views of their outdoor surroundings. 

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