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A roof lantern is a daylighting architectural element. Architectural lanterns are part of a larger roof and provide natural light into the space or room below. Roof lanterns provide a glazed pitch to flat roof extensions. They add a magnificent architectural element to the structure of the building.

Roof lanterns create extra natural light for your space, as well as an architectural statement overhead. We examine the important aspects to consider, from planning permission to cost, to simplify the buying process. They can help reduce your energy bills by limiting the need for lighting your rooms with electricity. Roof lanterns can help keep your home warmer for longer, you’ll soon benefit from improved thermal efficiency. By having roof lanterns installed, you can complement your interior and exterior décor.

They introduce much more natural light into your property.

 Add value to your home – The great look of an Ultrasky roof lantern will certainly add value to your home, making it more desirable to buyers.

 Improve the look of your house externally – it’s obvious that a roof lantern will transform the look of a room’s interior, but also consider the look of your house externally.

Energy saving – Adding natural sunlight to your room is obviously saving you money on electric lighting. 

Self-cleaning – We’re aware that roof lanterns are not easy to access in order to keep clean. 

Tough stuff! – Ultrasky roof lanterns are high performance and offer exceptional strength and rigidity. Even the worst of the British weather will be no problem.

But the thermal efficiency of an Ultrasky roof lantern will also help to keep your room warm in the winter and cool in summer – saving you on expensive heating bills too.

Ultrasky roof lantern is made with the latest self-cleaning glass technology.

By utilising natural light in your home, you will need to use electric lights less, making your energy bills lower.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns

A roof lantern is generally a glazed structure installed on a flat roof, which allows natural light into a room, often referred to as a skylight. Aluminium roof lanterns are daylight architectural features meant to provide natural light to the roof below. With the advances in technology, it has allowed roof lanterns to offer more benefits than just beautiful views. They are used to insulate the room as well as prevent energy loss. They are designed to provide unique architectural features that make your roof look elegant. Roof lanterns can be cut into different shapes and designs to produce unique roof sections. Roof lanterns have been designed with the latest technology and reinforced to provide strong roofing for your building. The internal and external profiles of the lanterns are separated meaning that there will be no heat transfer. You can easily manage the heat inside your building without losing any from the lantern. The lantern will prevent any of the elements from physically getting inside your, without eliminating natural light

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