Rehau UPVC Doors

“About 4 Decades of Service experience in windows and doors with bespoke Customer satisfaction in North London”

REHAU offers a range of energy efficient double glazed doors using the latest uPVC technology including back doors, French doors, stable doors & patio doors. With Rehau, Doors Create the perfect entrance to your home. Whether you are looking for an entrance door, patio door, or multi-fold door, REHAU window and door systems have the answer for you. Rehau Doors are compatible with all window styles a uPVC door manufactured from the REHAU profile guarantees a high-quality, consistent finish throughout your home.

  • Superior Product – The frame and sash at the heart of every REHAU window system boast thicker uPVC walls that make the product sturdier.

  • Style, shape, surface, and color options provide homeowners with maximum flexibility.
  • Rehau Doors are best known for structural integrity, thermal performance, acoustical insulation, moisture resistance, and ease of operation.
  • Raw materials are mixed in-house to ensure durability, energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Choose from multiple configurations, countless shapes, dazzling colors and textured finishes
  • Custom configurations and shapes
  • Brilliant color options complement metal or wood finishes

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