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Conservatories look fantastic on any home and add a huge amount of value.

Whether you have a traditional home or a modern home, there is a style that will suit you so you can enjoy your garden at any time of the year.

Choose from a variety of styles to suit your home including Georgian, Edwardian, lean-to or gable, to name a few.

Enjoy your garden all year round

Cost effective

Increased light

Add more space to your house

Increase the value of your property

Increase ventilation to house

The Edwardian gable conservatory

The Edwardian gable conservatory is designed so that the ridged roof meets a gabled end, resulting in very clean lines that suit many modern homes.


Victorian conservatory

A Victorian style conservatory has a ridged roof and a multi-faceted end wall creating an elegant rounded effect.


Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian conservatories have a ridged roof combined with a rectangular base, giving the classical feel of the Victorian design, but with greater available space.



A lean-to conservatory, sometimes known as Mediterranean or sun-room is the simplest design.

The conservatory is a single-sloped roof with the longer wall adjoined to the house. It is also a useful style for fitting into a corner area.


P, L, T or U-shaped conservatory

P-shaped, L-shaped, T-shaped or U-shaped conservatories can combine any of the above, giving an array of choices that offer massive scope.

With these options, a conservatory can be attached to almost any home.



There is always the option of an orangery. The classic orangery uses a parapet wall and solid corner construction.

This provides a more traditional design with all the benefits of a modern conservatory.


Off The Wall

With this option, you can choose the material for the lower part of your conservatory.

You can take the glass panels right to ground level or build a low wall, usually of material that match the house.

This will be highly insulated, optimising comfort levels.


Custom conservatory

As well as the style choices above, you have the option to create a custom conservatory.

The bespoke route allows for a truly individual design to suit your home and your needs.


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