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Conservatory expands the living area of a property with the addition of a Conservatory, you will get an extra room that differs completely from everything else, a one-of-a-kind in terms of style and characteristics. It brings you lot of  Natural light in the home means that you can rely less on using electricity to light up your space and you’ll also save money on your heating bills because the natural sunlight will keep your conservatory nice and warm. A conservatory is a good way to create just a little extra space, whether you want a dining room, play area or just a bright space to relax in. If you want a way to spend time in the garden without being exposed to the elements of the great British summer, then a conservatory allows you to bring the garden indoors.

Creates more living space by adding Conservatory,

Conservatory blends beautifully into the exterior aesthetics of your home maximizing the value of your property.

Conservatories, being largely composed of glass, flood themselves with natural light.

Conservatories are aesthetically pleasing

Conservatories are ideal for allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your garden in complete comfort all year round

Conserve heat in the winter and keep cool during the summer.


Originally gaining popularity during Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 and 1901, Victorian conservatories are a classic style typically defined by a steeply-pitched roof and a bay front.Although an Edwardian conservatory and a Victorian-style conservatory are very similar in some respects, the main difference is that Edwardian conservatories are square or rectangular in plan and feature a flat front compared to a Victorian-style conservatory which features an angled front.


An Edwardian conservatory is a classic style very similar to a Victorian conservatory but less ornate and with more subdued lines. Edwardian conservatories are an ideal choice because they maximise the amount of available floor space due to their bold, symmetry square or rectangular shape

Lean to Conservatory

Lean to conservatories are either square or rectangular, with a flat roof that slopes downwards. This shape gives it the appearance that it is leaning against the wall of a house, hence the name lean to.Lean-to conservatories are also known as sunrooms as they let lots of natural light in and are perfect for enjoying the summer months. Modern glass solutions make them habitable all year round as the glass helps keep the cold out and the temperature comfortable


A gable-end conservatory is a square or rectangular room with a gable front in order to maximise height, light and space. With a gable-end conservatory, the front of the roof doesn’t slope back to the centre. Instead, the front stays upright, like the end of a house

P, L, T or U-shaped Conservatory

A P shaped conservatory gets its name from the shape it creates. It combines elements of a lean-to conservatory (the long part of the p) and a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory (the rounded end). L-shaped conservatories are an intelligent combination of a lean-to Edwardian. This design combines the best of both conservatory styles to offer you a new addition to your home excels across the board. A t shaped conservatory gets its name from the figure it creates – a long structure with a smaller section jutting out in the centre. Its shape is a result of combining multiple conservatory styles, with the long section being Victorian or Georgian and the smaller section being Victorian, Georgian or Gable.U-shaped conservatories combine any of the above and the choices take on a massive scope. The options allow for a conservatory to be attached to almost any home.

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