P, L, T or U-shaped Conservatory

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A P shaped conservatory gets its name from the shape it creates. It combines elements of a lean-to conservatory (the long part of the p) and a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory (the rounded end). This style, whilst slightly more expensive than other designs, can provide you with a great deal of room.

L-shaped conservatories are an intelligent combination of a lean-to Edwardian. This design combines the best of both conservatory styles to offer you a new addition to your home excels across the board. Striking, high performance and cost-effective, these conservatories are a premium option for any homeowner.

A t shaped conservatory gets its name from the figure it creates – a long structure with a smaller section jutting out in the centre. Its shape is a result of combining multiple conservatory styles, with the long section being Victorian or Georgian and the smaller section being Victorian, Georgian or Gable.

U-shaped conservatories combine any of the above and the choices take on a massive scope. The options allow for a conservatory to be attached to almost any home.

A combination of the above conservatories makes these ideal to fit the size and shape of your property. Hence the name, there are 4 different designs for this type of conservatory and they are designed with many advanced Features and benefits:

  • Modern conservatories are extremely versatile and secure, and you can use them for almost anything you like.
  • Conservatory creates more living space
  • It brings the house and the garden together 

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