Secondary Glazed
Secondary glazing is a cost-effective way of improving heat retention and sound reduction in your home, as well as providing some additional security. It can be a great less expensive alternative to replacing double or triple glazed primary windows.
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Aluk Windows
Easy to clean and effortless to operate, our ever popular top swing reverse windows increase thermal performance, improve safety and exceed modern building design performance standards. Ideal for use in multi-storey structures, the windows open an impressive 180°, allowing completely pain-free pane cleaning from the safety and comfort of indoor
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Origin UPVC Windows
The Origin 380 vertical slider is an elegant, high-end aluminium window designed and priced to suit any environment. Its A1 rating was achieved after passing strict AAAMSA wind, deflection and water tests. Easy to install and service, this attractive window enhances the visual appeal of any home or office.
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Aluminium Windows Catalogue

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