Victorian Conservatory

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Originally gaining popularity during Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 and 1901, Victorian conservatories are a classic style typically defined by a steeply-pitched roof and a bay front.Although an Edwardian conservatory and a Victorian-style conservatory are very similar in some respects, the main difference is that Edwardian conservatories are square or rectangular in plan and feature a flat front compared to a Victorian-style conservatory which features an angled front and they are designed with many advanced Features and benefits:

  • It’s versatile enough for multiple uses, from playroom to home gym
  • The multifaceted design of a Victorian conservatory will give you panoramic views of your  surrounding areas
  • Victorian conservatories look beautiful on older properties but also make a stylish addition to newer builds
  • Easily provide tantalizing period aesthetics with great thermal performance qualities
  • Enhance heritage style instantly.

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